Our Toddler space in licensed for 18 toddlers and will have 2 or more teachers when 5 or more are present. Our Toddler
program offers a safe, secure and loving environment while away from home. Your little ones will enjoy an atmosphere
designed especially for them and with their needs in mind. We will foster learning in a creative world benefiting each
toddlers’ rapid mind and body development. We will ensure positive and supportive interactions with teachers.
Activities will include singing, reading, talking, math, science, circle time, and lots of hugs. We will promote
exploration with movement and sensory opportunities. We will foster opportunities which will aid in children
discovering the world around them while maintaining a respectful partnership among parents and caregivers. We will
ensure regular communication to meet the ever-changing needs of our Toddlers. We are committed to creating a strong
bond with your precious one and to ensure a great start in life!
Toddlers are on more of a routine schedule than infants. This will help foster a sense of independence with our
toddler aged children. Below is a typical day in the infant/toddler rooms. Diapers are done in the morning, before or
after lunch and after rest time. Please note that they will also be done as needed in between these times. Hand washing
is done before/after meals, before sensory play and after diaper changes.

Toddler Daily Schedule

Arrival/Free Play/A.M. Activities
Clean Up
Snack Time
Circle Time/Music
Teacher Directed Activity/Centers
Outside/Gross Motor
Story Time
Nap Time
Snack Time
Outside/Gross Motor
Story Time
The Barnyard Closes